Jason Wageman

Rocket Spanish Poulsbo, WA , United States

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This review pertains to Rocket Spanish and the Android APP. The short version is I am very happy with the format and content. My rate of learning has increased significantly since I started using Rocket Spanish. I will discuss the pros below and the several cons that keep this from being a 5 star rating.
After using Doulingo daily for 2 years (almost no missed days!) I am able to read some Spanish and have a fairly good vocabulary but cannot understand spoken spanish or speak Spanish well at all. I knew I needed something more to take it to the next level. After much research I decided on Rocket Spanish. The pros: Right away I am speaking Spanish sentences. I can “hear” Spanish better. This has been the most fun for me because I feel I can understand TV, radio, and regular people (to some extent) so much better. I love the lesson format. Hear it, say it, write it, know it (memory recall), and then the flash cards. I love the flash cards. The test portion is weak. Not going say it is a con but its 5 easy questions that don’t change if you redo the test. I get as much help as I want on correctly annunciating the words. This is huge. I love that I can spend as much time as I want on correctly saying the words. The record function is awesome. The explanations of word usage and grammar are excellent and fill in the massive void left by Doulingo in this area. There is a lot of content and you can move as fast or slow as you want. I like that I can rate myself on a lesson or accept Rockets rating. This keeps things going especially for some very difficult to articulate words. Some word shapes I cannot roll my R. I’m ok with that and can call it good and move on. I mentioned there is a lot of content. You can also do it in any order you want. There are entire sections that are immensely useful and aren’t really part of the main lessons. I like and use the Android App, except where there are bugs as listed below. Cons: Rocket doesn’t always understand me, even when I say it perfect. In this case I rate myself good and move on. Still it is disappointing when I know I’m right. The Android app has bugs. Some are unforgivable such as the lessons where I am supposed to read the English word and say the Spanish word but the English words are not shown. Also the app does not understand me hardly at all. There are times when I am not given enough time to make a verbal response. I am going to qualify this though and say if it gave me too much time I would write that as a con as well. So I think the best solution, and this is what I do, is hit pause when you are supposed to give a response so you have enough time. If you are still reading I will finish with I am happy with Rocket Spanish and combined with a daily Duolingo lesson I feel I am on my way to a good basic reading, speaking, listening Spanish fluency.