Vit Novak

Rocket French United States

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Besides my native Czech I speak and write English and Russian fluently, both of which I learned the traditional way. Now I am at the end of Level 1 of Rocket French. The Rocket approach is very effective, I am learning about 4 times faster than with the traditional school method.
It is still work, it does require discipline but there are little pleasures about it as well. The lesson speakers Claire and Paul are very charming, in particular, Claire's speech is just lovely. The customer support is fast and effective even so that it is limited to the application programming issues. They will not respond to anything related to the language itself or any issue beyond that what is outside the screen. The Rocket method "weaves" the language, it gives a hint of word meanings, then hint of grammar then both the meanings and the grammar reappear later with a slight twist building up the full grasp. Similarly so with the common phrases. Another strength is the voice recognition, it works very well (nearly). The computer has no mercy, so when you say it right, you know your pronunciation is right, no less. But the program does have limitations, if I try to work on a lesson around 8pm there is not enough bandwith for the voice recognition. All of sudden 30% of sentences are rejected, not recognized etc. while off hours I get rarely anything wrong. C'est tout