Casey A

Rocket Spanish Queensland , Australia

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After practicing on Duo Lingo for a month and taking an interest in learning Spanish I was ready to take the next step and go into a language course and Rocket languages stood out from the rest for a few reasons. I was really excited to try the free lessons before being drawn in by the excellent price for the full course. It is full of quality, real and relevant conversations that force you to hone you listening and comprehension skills as well as a fantastic voice recognition tool that puts you directly in the conversation; something that is invaluable when learning a language and that is unachievable without actually being in a Spanish speaking country. With Rocket languages I forced to actually speak the language and in doing so make speaking it second nature and a I can't wait to get to the higher levels of the class.
I already feel my confidence in Spanish growing and am motivated to become proficient in the language. This is all thanks to the design of the Rocket Spanish course. One additional thing I love about the course is that there is no shortcuts. If you forget an important accent like the é in qué or the á in cuándo then you will get marked wrong, and so you should! Because the course is audio based then you will hear the correct way to say Spanish words and will be able to hear the importance. I am very grateful for finding this course and thank the creators for opening me up to this language properly. Gracias! Casey