Dimi Alehins

Rocket German Berlin , Germany

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I am satisfied with the service and I have a suggestion what can be improved further. I like the idea of a comprehensive course available at any time. What I miss is downloadable audios - not the dialogues, but the phrases. The phrases are extremely important and helpful in learning a language. I could easily skip dialogues (I don't), let alone those long 25-minute audios with lots of talk in English (enjoyable but mostly waste of time to be honest, too much of unnecessary chatter). So far I have been sitting in front of my monitor for hours to learn the language, staying focused which is a key to learning. But this is such a luxury which you only enjoy in rare periods during your annual cycle. Most of the time you end up downprioritising the language course due to other urgences. I could use recorded phrases - all of them in a lesson or, even better, those I mark with a star for my own collection which also is a nice service - to listen to them while I have no time to sit down at my desk.