Greg Hopkins

Rocket Italian PG , Italy

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Rockt Italian is very well designed. There is lots of repitition. Learning aids such as flash cards and the voice recording feature make this the best overall package I've found. The prompts in English, in which you are required to provide the correct word in Italian, cement the learning and highlight the words and phrases that haven't stuck. The biggest obstacle to learning is my own brain. After months, and hours of hours of practice, my progress in the real world is quite limited. I am recognizing more and more individual words and phrases. Things like numbers, days of the week, names of vegetables and products at the store, etc. are becoming familiar. However, I still cannot hold a simple conversation. But it's due to my facilty with learning a language, not the program. I mention this because there's no magical cure to learn a language. Lots and lots of practice and hearing the language in everyday transactions is the only way.
The only poorly-performing feature is the voice recordings in the practice exercises. I have a good headset with a microphone almost touching my mouth. It often doesn't work--the program can't pick up what I'm saying, or hears it wrong. There should be a built-in mic test in the program that lets you boost the levels and dial it in bettter. Or just a better recording module installed.