Simon B.

Rocket Hindi Quebec , Canada

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Hi everyone!
I love travelling and learning languages while doing so! It's not always easy to find a way to learn well, a system, a teacher, etc... Now that I've discovered Rocket I feel so happy because I know i can keep on going and learn different languages in a fun, easy, complete and practical way. This course is really awesome! To be honest I'm a bit addicted. I tell to myself that today I will only do 30 minutes and 2 hours later I'm still on, learning more and more. I just don't see the time passing. I'm just enjoying myself! And by the way I get to practice with local at the same time and they can understand me very well as well as I understand what I know from them! All in all this is a amazing way to learn a new language, I highly recommend it! Thanks Roket Simon PS Hoping that there will be more language options in a near future!!