Victor Juliani

Rocket French São Paulo , Brazil

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I've been doing the Rocket French course for about a month and it's really helping me out so far. I cannot compose complex sentences yet, but I can comprehend parts of french songs texts and I feel I'm really learning the language.
Because I'm a native portuguese and fluent english speaker, many parts of the language are familiar to me (gender, pronouns and some nouns in case of portuguese, and many nouns in case of english) which seems to help my learning process. I'm doing benchmarks on the end of each module to track my evolution and during each module I review the previous day lesson to fix it on my mind. The interesting part of it is that I can easely remember the phrases of that lesson and the hard ones become much easier (specially in a pronounce aspect). I'd like to have a simpler way of adding words to flashcards (as easy as adding them to My Vocab) and to have lessons with no more than 40 words each (i.e a Rocket Reinforcenment of 60 words has 80 more exercises than one with 40 words), for it's harder to learn all of the content and it's more tiresome to complete all exercises. Another difficulty I have is to differentiate some plural words from singular ones, like "elle" and "elles" which sound the same to me (at least when spoken alone). Other than that, I really like the grammar lessons, for they are easy to understand and not boring at all (which is kinda surprising for me)! Current streak also motivates me to keep the most days I can without missing a lesson.