Kayla Oman

Rocket Spanish Panama City , Panama

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I am truly enjoying this language learning program. I like that the audio lessons involve you and make you come up with the answers on your own before supplying them to you. I feel that this is really helpful because that is the hardest part for me when speaking Spanish. I am starting to be able to understand spoken conversation better, but have a hard time coming up with the words myself. I feel very inadequate at times because I say Si a lot and not much else at this point. But, I know that progress takes time and reviewing the flash cards every day really helps and I like that you can put them into categories of hard, good and easy and then you can just review the hard ones. I like that you can measure your progress along the way, I like the scoreboard that keeps things interesting and you can see how you compare to other learners. I really like everything about this course. Living abroad in Panama is definitely helpful because I hear spoken Spanish on the daily, but I believe that with a lot of effort this course would also be great for people that don't have as much exposure. There are so many ways to get that elsewhere through music or TV shows. Netflix has so many shows that have Spanish subtitles. Anyway, I highly encourage everyone to get this course! Oh, and I also use Rosetta Stone. I like the combination of the two programs, but if I could only get one I would purchase this one over Rosetta.