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Rocket Italian United Kingdom

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When I first started learning Italian, I thought long and hard before purchasing an online learning package. I did a serious amount of research, but kept coming back to the same option. Don't get me wrong there are some really useful free courses/utilities out there, but in my opinion nothing is as comprehensive as Rocket Italian. That said, it's still worthwhile to use other apps/utilities in conjunction with this course. The more you can immerse yourself in your new language the better!
With Rocket Italian, I especially like the way all aspects of learning a new language are taught and consolidated. Using different written, spoken, listening and flashcard testing. If you're true to yourself when learning, and don't cheat, the tools provided are excellent. It's also a good idea to go back and repeat lesson's on a regular basis to confirm that you're remembering what you've been taught. On top of that I think Rocket Italian is competitively priced and you get quite a bit for your money. With all said though, you'll only get your moneys worth if you're willing to stick at it and put the effort in to learning your chosen language. My only minor criticism, is that the forums seem like a ghost town! I've asked questions and it sometimes takes weeks to get a response. Perhaps if other users aren't willing to answer a question, or don't know the answer, then maybe a Rocket language expert can help out? Just a thought. Overall though, a great package with prompt customer service when requested.