Lee Oswalt

Rocket Spanish Sunset Utah , United States

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I love Rocket Spanish. I've tried Duolingo, it was free, but It got to the point where they were teaching things like "The bird watched the game on TV" and "The cows cleaned the farm yesterday". I also took level one of Destinos, which a story you followed on video, and had a text book and workbook for learning other vocabulary. It was good, but I feel Rocket Spanish is a better fit for me. With Rocket Spanish, I can study on my phone or tablet, so I can take it to work and study during lunch or when I have to travel. Second, I'm not wasting my time learning sentences I would never use in real life. And with Rocket Spanish, it's not just listening and typing a response, but I get to respond vocally as well. Other programs like Rosetta Stone may have this feature, but they don't offer lifetime use and free updates. Finally, I have to say that their customer support is second to none. When I first started I experienced a couple of problems, but both times the customer service people were quick to fix the issues and gete back to my studies right away. Right now I'm half way through level 1, and I'm looking forward to purchasing levels 2 and 3 as well.