Janet Ostriker-jones

Rocket French United States

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I completed all French lessons from the most popular online language learning course. When I finished, I couldn't carry on a conversation. I chatted with another student online who had taken the same classes, and he told me not to become discouraged. He went through the lessons three times before he became comfortable. That shouldn't be necessary. I decided to try Rocket French instead. In a few days, I was able to start speaking simple and useful sentences! This may be a matter of learning style; different people learn differently, but there is no question that Rocket French is better for me. The other learning program is total immersion with no explanations in English. Simple things like "de le" is "du" is something I had to figure out, whereas Rocket French explains that and it's so much easier. There is so much conversational practice in French that I don't feel that I'm missing out by reading explanations in English. I leave for Paris in a few weeks, and I already know so much more than I did a week ago! Today I will complete Module 1 and over the weekend I hope to finish Module 2. Making such quick progress has made me obsessed! By the time I go, I expect to be comfortable ordering food in a restaurant, shopping, and meeting new people in French! Of course I can't become proficient in such a short time, but French people I've spoken with are very patient when we try to learn. Merci beaucoup Rocket French!