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This could easily be a 5 star program, but there are enough poor choices by the designers that make it less valueable or frustrating to use that I am being generous to give this 3 stars. The bottom line is that it works, and it did better for me than when I used Rosetta Stone to learn another language.
I have been using this program for 10 months and have had 3 visits to Germany during this time related to work. This is where I think the program isn't good: 1. This program stresses in the informal ways of addressing people. Germans, especially in business, use the formal case (Sie not Du). 2. The program doesn't teach any language rules, rather just provides example after example such as how to conjugate a verb. 3. THe most frustrating part is that the program tries to inculcate easy words (Ja, Nein), and sometimes not useful words like Wunderbar constantly, but doesn't stress words that are important to know such as to want, to like, to take, to need. If someone can't get Ja and Nein correct after the third lesson, then they need to quit. 4. The reason #3 is so aggravating is that for those of us that have to learn at work as part of our job, there can be 60+questions for each exercise in a lesson, and there are 5 exercises for each lesson. This makes a lesson take 2+ hours if you want to finish it completely, and when you translate Wunderbar and sehr gut for the 500th time you realize this program is wasting your time. 5. Everything requires a keyboard click. In some exercises you can use the keyboard to avoid clicking, but in others where you must type then you have to click the mouse constantly. To make it better, address 1-5, and consider adding a random question practice session. This would randomly bring-up a problem from any completed lesson and any completed exercise. This would be the best way to review as it would require students to recall what they learned in previous lessons and not just the one they finished. No score, no limited amount of questions, just continually popping up new questions and checking the student's answer. Also, look at DuLingo app. There you have the ability to slow down an audio statement to translate it. THere are times the audio is too fast to easily translate it. Also a FF 15seconds or rewind 15 second button would be helpful (especially for iPhone or Apple watch) when listening to lessons...the current FF and Rewind setting isn't good. Also, everyone reading the reviews should know that reviewers are offered $10 cash back if they write a review. I think this leads to all the glowing reviews because people want the money now and haven't used the product for a long time to start discovering where it needs to be improved. With all that said, I don't have regrets about buying this and it has helped me when I am in Germany. I think it is better than RS because it emphasizes learning via listening and speaking as opposed to writing. But with the current design, I won't tell my company that this is the best learning program out there.