Robert Peuckert

Rocket Italian Westmount, Quebec , Canada

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I've been using Rocket Italian for a week now and find I'm learning more Italian than in an evening class I took at college three years ago. I like that I can listen to my recorded voice and immediately compare it to the native speaker. This allows me to greatly improve my pronunciation. The pacing of the lessons is good, though I have to review often previous lessons so as not to forget difficult parts from those lessons. I'm trying to complete one lesson each day. I spend 30 minutes, then take a break before returning to finish the lesson. I practice talking aloud to myself during the day repeating the words and phrases I've learned. I will be travelling to Umbria for a month in a year. I hope to be able to have simple conversations with the local people. So far I am very pleased with Rocket Italian. The regular price is expensive, but I managed to buy it with a promo code for 60% off. At that price it is a good value for all that you get. Also the forum is an excellent way to get answers to your questions. I recommend Rocket Italian to anyone wishing to learn this language!