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Steve Hands

Steve Hands

Rocket Italian — United Kingdom

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I am one week in having completed module 1 of level 1, I bought the course to mainly learn in the car on a 1.5 hour each way commute. I must say I am very impressed so far, the 'banter' between the course instructors is amusing and adds to the learning experience and always look forward to the next lesson. i do find I have to listen to the current lesson at least three times for it all to sink in but the followup exercises using the app are invaluable for reinforcing the lessons. Having only studied French at GCSE level (A grade ;-)) previously 30 years ago I do find I have to work out the grammar myself from the audio lessons and the app myself as its not always explained. This is just probably down to how I personally like learn so no real criticism of the course. Having said that I have had a sneak peak at later lessons and I think this will come in time. All in all its early days buy I'm very much enjoying and learning a lot from the course. What may be useful are some resources such as links to simple podcasts and children books to all read and learn from.