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Average Rating: 4.7

Lizzie M.

Lizzie M.

Rocket Russian — United States

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Rocket misses the mark in many ways. Teaching phrases without a literal translation is not helpful. Ideally, one should know what each word in the sentence is, so that one can then compose one's own sentences. Additionally, the speakers speak very quickly and one can't really tell how they are pronouncing the words in spite of having them spelled out in cyrillic. Also when teaching color names, why aren't' there colors on the screen, or at least on the flash cards? And when there are nouns, why not a picture of the object? I've been learning languages for many years, and I like some of Rocket Language's features, but I have to say that Pimsleur, does a much better job of teaching one to actually speak and understand the language, and they give literal translations and help one understand the context and syntax of words. But Pimsleur only teaches the audio, and they are way too expensive to only do that. Rocket Languages does offer voice comparison, but I have my doubts as to how good it really is at telling me how close I am to correct pronunciation. Rocket Languages is okay, but not the greatest. However, it is affordable. But, their customer service isn't very good. I was having a problem getting the microphone to work in Chrome, and they never did get back to me with full instructions. I had to do all my own research on that one and it took many hours before I could get the microphone to work in Chrome. The mic worked fine in Firefox, but all the Rocket features weren't available in Firefox.