Graeme Cox

Rocket Arabic VIC , Australia

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I have previously tried Rocket German which was good and Rocket Arabic is of an equal standard. I like the way that early lessons are structured towards a tourist who just wants to "master" a few basic phrases which can then be built on. In this respect the lesson material is spot on. The only comment I would make is that for those people who do not want to learn to write Arabic, it would be more helpful if the feedback in the voice recognition related to the romanised words rather than the Arabic. However, overall it is hard to beat Rocket Arabic for the features it offers. As an experienced traveller who likes to be able to say a few words in the language of whatever country I am in, I know that there are two things that are essential in a language programme. The first is the chance to rehearse useful phrases so that they can roll off the tongue fairly easily. The second is the chance to attune your ear to native speakers saying everyday things at a normal speed. Rocket Arabic delivers on these two fronts in spades.