Lucy Bishop

Rocket Hindi United Kingdom

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Rocket Hindi is my favourite language learning method after reading actual books, which give me much more in depth understanding of grammar.
My fault with it is the use of the inherent vowel at the end of the English (romanised) tranliteration of words and where it’s not pronounced in the middle of some words. It’s a massive let down to the service and gets in the way of every session. The inherent ‘a’ vowel is only pronounced in Sanskrit. So for example the word namaskar, which almost everywhere else is transliterated as namaskar, on Rocket Hindi it’s written namaskara. Your brain is already spending a lot of effort learning new worlds, sounds, spellings, associations. To have to them sift out this ‘a’ all the time is exasperating. They could simply write something about the inherent vowel at the start of the course. I mean it’s an English Transliteration not the actual spelling anyway. It’s meant to sound how the word is pronounced. Every time I come across a word while I’m listening to the audio at the same time and it doesn’t match the audio I get a moment of confusion. I have to look hard at the word to see why it’s pronounced differently, if it is the inherent vowel or something else. The very first sentence in the course has this many of them (in capitals for emphasis) namaskarA rohanA, kaise hai aapA, which is pronounced namaskar rohan, kaise hai aap. And someone who hasn’t read a bit about this inherent vowel first will be wondering why it’s not pronounced and lose confidence right at the start. I’d say about a quarter of all words are transliterated this so it’s a constant annoyance and inconvenience. It’s so distracting that I have to knock 2 whole stars off for it.