Fola Anderson

Rocket Italian London , United Kingdom

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It took me quite a long time to decide to take the plunge and buy a language course. Ive only ever tried free apps like Duolingo which is also a good program. But i can tell you Rocket Italian so far has exceeded my expectation. I have just finished the first section. I have become quite addicted to the program. The numerous forms of self testing really does help it stick. Im not perfect and I did have to rerun the last two sessions three times for it to stick but believe me. Doing this has helped me a lot better than any of the free apps I have used. Long may it continue as I progress through the lessons. I agree with comments about the fact that some times quite rarely the recording went odd. Bit a quick stop and replay solves this. It doesnt happen often.
In short Im loving it at the moment. Not sure about when it gets harder though. Give it a go!!