Acadia Rose

Rocket Japanese Vancouver, WA , United States

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My fiance got this for me as an early valentines day/anniversary present. At first I was skeptical because I've tried learning Japanese so many ways for about 2 years now and I couldnt find anything that I could use on the go that would also let me practice vocally. I even took a college class that was tough, mostly just writing, and hard for my busy schedule.
At first I didnt realize all the lessons had writing and speaking and then I started playing with the app more and I noticed all the awesome features it comes with, including almost 400 hours of lesson time in the 3 levels! I have the app on my phone and I use it during breaks at work and durring my long commutes. The only complaint I have is that the voice recognition has trouble when I'm driving on the highway and other times it stops before I'm done speaking. Otherwise Rocket Japanese has been perfect for my lifestyle this far!