ivan cooper

Rocket French Charlotte NC , United States

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I used Pimsleur courses before. This is equally as good, but I am using exclusively in a car. The Pimsleur is better in a car as the lessons automatically come on to the next lesson and the program keeps track of where you are and Apple CarPlay controls work better than Rockets. The arocketvwoukd be better if it were seamless to a CarPlay experience. Also the review words should keep repeating in several lessons to make it easier to remember, rather than only one review time in the following lesson. Multiple repeats help sear it in my brain. For these reasons, Pimsleur works better for me.
Moderators Note: Thanks for the feedback, Ivan. You can use Rocket courses in a similar way by using the iOS app, downloading the Interactive Audio lessons to your app for offline usage, and then playing those sequentially. I hope that helps. All the best from the Rocket Languages team.