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My husband and I watch a lot of Japanese television like anime and some regular TV shows and thought how awesome it would be to actually be able to understand what the characters are saying without having to read subtitles. We also would like to take a trip to Japan in the future. We were both reluctant to start learning Japanese because we've heard how difficult it can be and that it takes years to become just somewhat fluent. But, we decided to take the leap and signed up for several Japanese learning tools. We started with Rosetta Stone and after 2 days of being on the trial version, we cancelled it because it wasn't working for us. We weren't retaining anything. Then, we found Rocket Japanese and we couldn't believe that we were actually able to have a short conversation after just 2 days!! Rocket Japanese is the easiest and most intuitive program out there for learning Japanese. It's so much fun and so interesting that I spend hours doing the lessons without realizing that much time had passed. I'd recommend Rocket Languages to everyone trying to learn a new language. Arigatō to the creators of this program, I am forever grateful to have this resource!