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Summary: It is most important to start SPEAKING a language as soon as possible to get comfortable with it. I think that Rocket does a decent job getting you ready with some key phrases, pronunciation, and review, but it overloads the learner with too much new vocabulary per lesson.
Format: I really like the audio format in a nice progressive pace and it's less 'cluttered' than the popular pod101 program. The review material is very well rounded, using audio, writing practice, spanish - english and english - spanish practice, plus flashcards (english - spanish). Overall audio quality: Try the trial to hear them speak. Decide for yourself. In my opinion, Mauricio has a good accent and Carmen speaks slowly. Amy is a dork and I get a little tired of hearing her voice. Her Spanish makes me cringe. The "repeat after me" can be very rushed and I have to pause so that I get a chance to actually repeat a phrase. Workload: The dialogues can be quite long (some almost 45 minutes!) and the practice has WAY too much vocabulary to absorb for one lesson. I'm currently doing a lesson in Level 2 that has 117 words. I don't even want to start since I know it's going to take me a very long time to get through the practice sessions, so I'm here to procrastinate by writing a review instead. I feel that if there were around 50 phrases and words, this is enough to absorb and master in about 3 days per lesson. It's not that I want to go fast, I just don't have 2+ hours a day to do the practices AND memorize/absorb what I'm learning. My solution to this problem is that I select what I think might be useful in my everyday conversation and skip the rest (Do I really need to be quizzed on "Bueno, bueno. Ay! mama!" and other silly things from the dialogue?). It's the only negative emotion I feel when I get into a lesson. I wish there was less vocabulary per lesson. App vs. Desktop: The app is missing the module certifications (it's like a final exam), but the desktop has issues with typing special characters and not recognizing my microphone. This is something I've emailed CS about and received no response. Price: it was okay after finding a coupon code online. *cough*cough* Customer service: My only "interaction" was when I sent an email asking a question about the interface and never received and answer. Recommend: I have mentioned it to my friends, but with the warnings I've outlined. Buy again: Yes, I have purchased 2 other languages.