Nyx Nyte

Rocket Japanese Castle Rock , United States

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I purchased the entire Rocket Japanese set (beginners, intermediate, advanced) for an amazing deal offered on Thanksgiving. I really, really like the way it's organized and the flow of the lessons from one to another. For the first week, I made the mistake of not learning the characters in tandem with learning the spoken word - you really have to learn them both together. People on the forum (which is very friendly with very helpful posts/responses) talked me into studying the characters at the same time. I thought it would be overwhelming, but it wasn't at all!! In fact, within 3 weeks, I will have learned all the characters - much less intimidating than I thought. I feel very confident that when I visit Japan towards the end of the year, I'll have a great grasp of the language, both spoken and written.
The only negative is the support. It takes days for anyone to get back to you. The first time I submitted a question, I think it took 5 days for a response. Luckily, my question are associated with profile questions, not support for the product, otherwise I'd find that very irritating.