Ryan Hidayat

Rocket Chinese Singapore

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Da jia hao!
I decided to learn the Chinese language because I've always found it quite interesting and most of the population here speak this language. I did not regret getting the full version of Rocket Chinese because of the extensive content that it has. Since I've started learning Mandarin here, I have noticed improvements in my conversational skills, writing skills, and, from there, I also have manged to recognise some Chinese characters bit by bit as I complete more lessons. However, I think the structure of the lessons can be better if they had followed the structure of the HSK standards. Although I find the content really good so far, some words that has been taught previously appears again in the "Extra Vocabulary" section, which I think can be replaced with other relevant words like the lesson "Going shopping" did not even mention the word "shangdian" which means "store" as in stores in a shopping centre or even appears on the extra vocab section. Also, the Chinese locals here speak differently and use different words (although the same meaning) in their daily conversation, like we use Huayu (chinese language) instead of Hanyu. In conclusion, I think Rocket Chinese is good for learning but it requires constant improvements to fill up the gaps that were probably overlooked.