Ellen Madono

Rocket Spanish Saitama , Japan

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I am generally very happy with the spoken feedback and the quality of the instruction of Spanish.
Unfortunately often my mic fails to pick up my spoken answer correctly. I bought a special mic for my iPhone and I hope that the mic performance will improve. However, I need to review and practice hard points such as writing with the correct accent marks. Doing the harder parts of lessons several times is helpful. I am very pleased with being able to download lesson lectures. Then I can practice away from the computer. This is very helpful. One problematic lesson: In Module one of Rocket Spanish, there is one lesson that is poorly designed. Presently I am doing the alphabet. Why is there no spoken practice of the alphabet? Words are presented as a vocabulary list to be memorized. How useless. ! But there is no testing or practice of spelling which is the object of the lesson. This pointless presentation of the alphabet is unlike the quality of other lessons. I wish it could be redone. Also, in this lesson it is argued that the alphabet is related to learning the correct pronunciation of Spanish. How knowing the pronunciation of letters such as j, z, h, w is helpful for pronunciation totally escapes my understanding. Anyway, knowing how to spell is important, but this is not practiced in the lesson. What a waste! I have never received an answer to emails that I have sent concerning Rocket Spanish. It is amazing that I am even doing the lesson given the many problems that I have had getting it to work on my iPhone and computer.