Catherine Hartman

Rocket Italian Cincinnati, Ohio , United States

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I had never studied Italian before, but after two trips to Italy, I decided I wanted to be able to read and converse in Italian for my next trip. I started knowing essentially zero words, and was concerned about being able to pronounce words correctly. The audio dialogs and additional lessons make it easy to replay a word or phrase and keep practicing until it becomes easy. Then you can check your pronunciation using the.microphone. How cool is that? The content of the lessons is real life situations so the lessons are so useful to a traveler. Maria has very clear enunciation . She speaks carefully and clearly. That makes learning the word pronunciation easier. There is some humor in the lessons too. I find it fun and engaging. The say it, write it, quizzes, know it and flash cards are great tools to reinforce the learning and find those portions that need additional study. Then the certification tests at the end are a useful assessment of your progress. Rocket Languages are well done, fun, and thorough and the price is quite reasonable. I would recommend these courses to any language learner.