Steve Moran

Rocket Hindi Canada

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The Audio lessons are a great way to learn, the dialogues are very well done. And the voice recognition technology, while it needs some tweaks still, really helps practising to say difficult sounds and get the rhythm down.
Unfortunately, there are all kinds of mistakes in the Hindi lessons: inconsistent transcriptions, sentences attributed to a different translation, etc. This is something a good proofread could clear up, best by a native speaker, but even a non-native learner could help there. (Just ask if you need advice, i have some ideas.) Finally, while it seems clear that formal grammar is not a priority (that's a fine choice), it should be reviewed by someone who understands grammar to avoid obvious errors that could lead to roadblocks once a learner eventually needs to take on the formal grammar points. A completely worthwhile purchase overall! Bravo! Moderators note: Hi Steve - Rocket Hindi has been under a review process for the last month and we hope to have the revamped version out within the next 2 months.