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Jeff Fulton

Jeff Fulton

Rocket Sign Language Columbiaville, Michigan , United States


I am so excited about this program. Very well done. Well explained. Easy to understand and practice. The teaching process is tailored in an easy to follow, logical way to learn ASL and to both practice, but as important turn off the sound and practice viewing another person sign to you. This helps to sign and read someone signing to yo EXCELLENT PROGRAM!

Melanie Mok

Melanie Mok

Rocket Korean United States


It helps me to get a good starts of French. That's why I decide to buy Spanish to. Now I am trying to look into German , Korean and Russian too hoping that I will be an awesome poly lingual. The app is very user friendly and efficient. I don't have a car so I always walk and take the bus. This app allowed me to make those hours I feel unproductive to become super productive. They also have voice recognition to ensure learners are pronouncing the words right, which is super awesome when you don't have someone to correct you. Besides all that, this app doesn't cost a lot too compare to the other apps.

Autumn Celmer

Autumn Celmer

Rocket French Indiana , United States


Really good for learning languages, very natural and just very good. Would recommend, 10/10. I had some basic knowledge on french before this, but this was the first one that allowed me to record and review my own voice. kjagijaewijfnadjshif



Rocket Italian


I am really enjoying learning Italian with Rocket Languages. I look forward to my lessons and try to catch up with a lesson or two most days. We are planning a trip to Italy soon and I think my Italian language skills will be greatly improved by the time we arrive there.

yasmine  chalhgoumi

yasmine chalhgoumi

Rocket French bizerte


Rocket is the easiest way to learn a new language, very fantastic. I like the way you take the lessons. The amount of exercises and the grammar make you closer to achieving your goal. I hope I can find someone to make me open to the French language. Thanks.

Jason Aime

Jason Aime

Rocket Spanish Eagle Mountain/Utah


I like the website as well as the android app. Both are very helpful in the learning process. The price is very reasonable for all of the features that you have access to. Thank you Rocket Languages.

Dennis  Erb

Dennis Erb

Rocket German Tennessee


Rocket German is awsome. I just don't have the time to devote to it. But it has helped me talk with my German relatives. The slang that they interject is interesting and understandable because of the lessons in Rocket German.

Glennn  Dobbs

Glennn Dobbs

Rocket Spanish Glasgow


Well its too early to celebrate but I like it so far. This will take a long time because my grammar is always wrong so lots of repeating lessons. Hmm 200 characters minimum what else to say a bit of ramalingering or repeat it all in Spanish. We have to wait for the nextime release to get all features enabled on mobile devices.



Rocket Spanish Raleigh NC , United States


Rocket Spanish has helped me to advance my conversational skills when I felt as if I was stuck. There is depth and variety to the learning experience which has really made a difference for me.

Diane Shemer

Diane Shemer

Rocket French Leesburg, Va


Great Course and Learning Tool. I am just starting to learn French for a trip next year. My husband and I are doing the course at our own pace. I love all the interactive tools. I feel I will quickly learn the language.