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Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

Rocket Chinese Mundelein / IL , United States


I really like the format on the website. And I really like that it has a mobile app. However I travel a lot and the time I have most available to practice Chinese is when I am on a plane. You can download the MP3 files but I really wish the APP would allow you to cache the sections you are working on so they worked on a plane. Overall I think it is a good value. and I like the program but I just wish it was more tailored to working off line.

Brian Rawls

Brian Rawls

Rocket French United States


I am learning French. The program is good but far from perfect. There are problems with voice recognition. Level 1, Chapter 5 has a summary test that tests words that have never been introduced. Who proofs this stuff? One new word, 'manquer', translation "miss". What kind of miss? The "stories" are usually 25 minutes long and of little value. Customer support? Virtually nonexistent. During weekday normal hours there is a help desk, when you complain about something she will refer to IT department. IT department has a perfect record of never getting back to me so I quit writing notes to improve the course. The French course is good but could be much better if Rocket had interest in improving.

Duane Benton

Duane Benton

Rocket French Flint, Michigan


This was my first time with Rocket Languages. I enjoyed the first lesson. Tres bien! I will complete more lessons as time permits. I intend to apply what I learn to everyday situations. Learning a new language is very interesting. Au revoir.

Enrique Licea

Enrique Licea

Rocket Italian


I like the fluidity of the lessons, and the themes you try, because they are regarding to the every day life. But I would like also that you include the audio file for the cultural revisions and conjugations

Dan S

Dan S

Rocket French Denver


I really like the interactive dialog with the conversation and chance to practice and record my responses and am pleased about what I've learned thus far. However, I really wish they would have more of this in each module vs. the 'self study'/written portions in each module. I learn best when I hear conversation/dialog vs. the dictation/response of the lessons. For example in module 1 there are 5 lessons of conversation but 10 lessons of pure dictation/response. This doesn't suit my learning style well.

Mariah Firn

Mariah Firn

Rocket Korean Duluth, MN , United States


Definitely helpful to hear native Koreans speaking and the forms of testing made sure that i remember what i learned in the lesson. I would recommend this site to anyone who wants to practice their pronunciation. The site is very organized and easy to navigate. The tools are very useful. All in all, this is a good site.

Danielle  Bauer

Danielle Bauer

Rocket Hindi Blanchester ohio


So far I love it! I have tried rosetta stone, pimsleur, living languages etc. the rocket languages program is the best by far. I love that it has listening to native speakers and also writing and lots of quizzes.

joseph  kinstod

joseph kinstod

Rocket French


Rocket french has increased my french speaking ability, but i don't like the customer service and the price is too high. The materials doesn't contain conjugation of verbs. As a learner i think it is better to have reading exercises like comprehension.

Caleb Schultink

Caleb Schultink

Rocket Arabic Geelong/Victoria , Australia


Great lessons, which bring you in at a manageable rate. I like the way flash card reviews are included with spaced repetition.
Letters that are not in English are usefully emphasised. I would like some explicit grammar and better writing lessons. My rating for the price is for me personally. I am flat broke and it is nearly $Aus150 in Australia. If I wasn't desperate to learn, I wouldn't have bought it.

Rob Sanchez

Rob Sanchez

Rocket Spanish Sun Lakes, AZ , United States


I tried the interactive lesson on planning an activity for the weekend. I was disappointed as I thought it would be interactive enough to the extent that if would allow me to repeat the phrase/sentence/word after the spanish speaker and have him correct my pronunciations. It does give me time to repeat after him but without the correction of pronunciation, it left me wanting.