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Wes Deuel

Wes Deuel

Rocket German Berlin


I would have much more difficulty without the native speaker option...this will save much time in learning to sound words/sentences properly! I'm sure there are many more features I have yet to far this is an Awesome program! Thank you!

Endia Terrell

Endia Terrell

Rocket Korean gary , United States


I really love rocket korean! and i am learning to speak korean very good. at first i was giving up on speaking korean because all of the sites i was visiting were not useful. but ever since i found this website and herd how good they are that changed my mind so quick! i am so glad i've found this website and sooner or later i would know how to speak korean!^^

Troy S

Troy S

Rocket German United States


Over the years I've tried to learn German through adult ed classes (results depended too much on individual teacher), Rosetta Stone (a very poor approach), and Duolingo (good, but missing some important learning elements). I love the multi-faceted Rocket Language approach and it's the method that works for me! Vielen Dank!

Eugene  Berman

Eugene Berman

Rocket Spanish


Overall, Rocket Languages is, without a doubt, well worth the
price. The value for your money is the best. There really is not a better foreign language program out there. I have tried others as they do not match the quality of Rocket's.

Kathleen Harper

Kathleen Harper

Rocket German


I compared several language programs and test-drove Rocket German before I purchased the whole series. Rocket Languages is so well-designed - it accommodates most people's learning preferences and provides a great deal of engaging learning opportunities.

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Rocket Japanese Hawaii


Rocket Languages has helped me understand another culture that is different than my own. Before Rocket Languages I used to hate learning another language, but now I enjoy learning all thanks to Rocket Languages. I especially like the leaderboard. Rocket languages is totally awesome!

maged  youssef

maged youssef

Rocket French Montreal


Salut , Mem et Ms
je suis très contant de enregister à cetter site web , me me sens que il est tres bein et je vais apprendre le francais tres vite . je espaire que je finisse tous le cours Meci beaucoup.

Michael Fuller

Michael Fuller

Rocket Japanese Aracruz


This is a very good site. Other sites do not present the language in an organized fashion like this site does. I am very impressed. It is the best that I have seen so far. The way the language is presented is very effective.

Mark Watson

Mark Watson

Rocket Italian Middlesboro , United States


The Rocket Italian course is a great way to learn Italian for someone like me that doesn't have a lot of extra time. I listen while I eat lunch, on the way to work, on the way home and at night after supper. It is fun to be able to learn and enjoy listening to Maria and Alex as they present the lessons in an entertaining way. The lessons hit the subject from different angles, allowing the brain to work on the language in ways that help you remember more quickly and thoroughly. I am eager to start every day.
My plan is to be able to at least be conversational when we go to Italy for our 49th anniversary in two years.

Deborah Hearn

Deborah Hearn

Rocket French Florida , United States


I really enjoy the lessons of Rocket French. I have it playing in the background as I am working on my computer. I learn and am not even aware! Very entertaining speakers! Learning is easy with this program.