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3213 Customer Reviews

Penny Stoddard

Penny Stoddard

Rocket Spanish Queen Creek, AZ


I love learning from Mauricio and Amy. Their voices are clear and encouraging. I look forward to my Rocket Languages Spanish lessons. The most challenging aspect of online learning is being consistent. That is a personal problem. The Rocket Language course has varied activities that make learning fun and easier to remember.

Anshul  dureja

Anshul dureja

Rocket French delhi


excellent website for learning french .I saw some difficulty in meaning of the words.i was searching the net and then came to know about rocket language.i was able to understand all the problems i was facing in just few mins so i think everybody should go through rocket language and try it.

David Hogg

David Hogg

Rocket Spanish Toronto, Ontario , Canada


Very good training in Spanish. The lessons are carefully thought out, build on each other, and stress repetition and practice. The actors are believable, and the introductory phrases are helpful to travellers. The grammar is introduced later; an earlier discussion (for example) of the difference between soy and estoy would have been helpful (I looked it up), as it would help the learning process.
Overall, a very polished, well-thought out program.

Nooor  Zin

Nooor Zin

Rocket German


Awesome web site :D now it's easier for me to learn German from my laptop :3 i just loved it so much ^__^ ...[Uh, I need 95 more characters... so here we go -__-] !!! Why the hell should I write 200 characters .. Whatever !! xoxo

Frank Duke

Frank Duke

Rocket French


Rocket is an enjoyable and intuitive system. The ability to repeat lessons until I am satisfied with the level of progression is a very positive approach. Traveling in France is becoming easier every day as I learn more from Rocket French

Lauri Calanchini

Lauri Calanchini

Rocket Spanish


Enjoying the Rocket Language ease in learning Spanish. Just beginning, however, I find it a great learning tool so far! The audio is very helpful with identifying the proper pronunciation for some of the words.

stephen  Pardon

stephen Pardon

Rocket Japanese


Rocket languages is extremely easy to navigate around and makes it interesting to learn new things despite there being a lot to learn. rocket languages has a ton of different ways to test your progression through the language, be it quiz's, games and even self recordings to make sure you are pronouncing the words correctly, this is defiantly one of the best learning programs i have came across.

Ethan Johan

Ethan Johan

Rocket Japanese United States


I really like that the program puts a strong emphasis on writing from the very beginning. That really helps me wrap my head around pronunciation and word order. Having both a native Japanese speaker and a native English speaker speaking in the audio lessons helps to overcome the anxiety that comes with trying to learn a new language.

Keith  Fricker

Keith Fricker

Rocket Spanish Nottingham


Rocket Spanish is a revelation! At first glance the trial lesson looked like a lot of "fragmented" vocabulary to take on board. However, once started it quickly turns into a trail of gradual understanding. The "bite-sized" treatment of the material quickly turns into a game and you are gradually drawn into completing each section.

Doug Ross

Doug Ross

Rocket Italian United States


I've tried Rosetta Stone and Pimsleur...don't waste your time and money on those, this is by far the best language program I've used. If you want a secondary program to expound with, try Duolingo concurrently while you go through this, but if you are only going to use one, stay with Rocket Languages. I would highly recommend it.