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Najma Mohamed

Najma Mohamed

Rocket Korean wa , United States minor outlying islands


Can't you unlock the modules during the free trail? Can't you unlock the modules during the free trail? Can't you unlock the modules during the free trail? Can't you unlock the modules during the free trail? Can't you unlock the modules during the free trail?

Flora Kei

Flora Kei

Rocket Korean New York , United States


Rocket Languages has interactive audio lessons that makes it easier and more fun to learn from. In addition, the reviews at the end are very helpful and different from any other program I've used. I have learned way more efficiently now with so much more to look forward too.

Eugene  Berman

Eugene Berman

Rocket French


Overall, Rocket Languages is, without a doubt, well worth the
price. The value for your money is the best. There really is not a better foreign language program out there. I have tried others as they do not match the quality of Rocket's.

Paul Cavaluzzi

Paul Cavaluzzi

Rocket French United States


So far RL is okay. The audios are entertaining, but a tad slow and I wished that they were a bit less English-heavy as it really breaks my French-thinking mindset. Any technical issues (and there are quite a few given the nature of the voice recognition software) that are reported fall onto deaf ears. Overall, it's an okay program, but needs heavy supplementation from grammar and vocab books (as all learners should have anyway).

Audrey B

Audrey B

Rocket Spanish United States


Rocket Languages is bettter than what i had before. The length of the lessons is very long for my taste though... ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;; ; ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Bailey Ross

Bailey Ross

Rocket Korean Connecticut , United States


As a completely new person to Korean, this course is not what I should have chosen to begin with. To be able to feel like you "completed" the lesson, you have to write things in a language they have not taught you yet! The lessons are too long and having to learn the "extras" to feel like you completed the material they were focusing on is also frustrating.

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Jinane Janine

Jinane Janine

Rocket German Rabat , Morocco


I found the program very useful. This makes me so motivated to accomplish my learning of German even if it's seems difficult at the beginning(especially i'm learning it for the first time).
I can't deny that there is a remarquable progress in my learning due to the methodology of this Rocket Language.

George Turer

George Turer

Rocket Korean United States


Overall, I understand the structure of the course, but it seems like many aspects, especially in testing, are done by a cookie-cutter algorithm which makes some really critical mistakes.
First, some technical issues. I use Chrome, as recommended, and there are a few things missing. Most notably, the on-screen Korean keyboard is not there. Also, I often do not have the button to mark a Writing lesson as completed.

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Devdas  Anchan

Devdas Anchan

Rocket Arabic Jleeb Shuyoukh


Rocket Languages is a great Tool for learning any foreign Language. It's Topics are very methodical & Lively to learn. It covers all the basics of any selected language.
It is a very Good Online Language Tutor.

samu  k

samu k

Rocket Hindi chennai


Good to start as a beginner but can provide more sample lessons basic free and can make other advanced lessons like essay writing poetry as chargeable. Good that hindi is given in readable form of english.