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Tim Walsh

Rocket Italian New York/New York , United States

Submitted: 3+ years ago


The program--either on desktop or tablet, often does not record my voice, and thus does not record portions of lessons. This is not getting better. Until Rocked Languages can improve its server, I'd advise avoiding the program.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Tim - We recommend using a headset microphone if you are on desktop. If you are using a tablet then we would recommend using the appropriate Android or iOS app. Please let customer support know if these suggestions don't fix the issue!

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Alexander Caracotsios

Rocket Russian United States

Submitted: 3+ years ago


Very good set up and structure. However, my main complaint is that the conversations never really got increasingly complicated. Additionally, they did not include too wide a range of vocabulary. The audio is great for learning pronunciation but I feel like I spent a lot of time and did not learn as much as I could have say, through duolingo which is free. I would only recommend this program to people who have never studied a language before because it goes slow enough that it may be beneficial to get over the initial fears of learning a language. However, for people such as myself with a more developed linguistic background, I felt as if the dialogues did not advance very much and that I did not really leave learning as much as I could have if I spent the same amount of time with other resources.

I feel as if Rocket Languages needs to drastically alter the content of the dialogues to better suit them for "intuitive" grammar and vocabulary acquisition. That being said, the main structuring of the program I found to be fantastic and the native audio files also were superb.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Alexander, and thanks for the feedback. Rocket Russian Level 1 is a beginners course, so can feel slow if you are an experienced language learner. We would recommend switching to Rocket Russian Level 2, which is more advanced.

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Darlene Baker

Rocket Spanish United States

Submitted: 3+ years ago


I would love Rocket Languages if it would work and the sound would stop cutting out. I ask for help they say it will take 2 days to get a response for my request. I really thought the first course 1.1 was great but i cant get past 1.2 because it plays for awhile and then the sound cuts out.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Darlene - We are following up with you via email/Skype to try and resolve the issue!

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Chalapathi nandiwada

Rocket Hindi telangana , India

Submitted: 3+ years ago


it is OK with rocket Hindi langue. But it is limited . i.e., There are explaining some basics with good understanding. we will learn all the basic words, but if we stick to those words, we can manage Hindi, but we cant speak Hindi like native speaker.
we still have to learn other content and practice alot apart from the rocket Hindi material.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Chalapathi - As of 2019, the Rocket Hindi Language & Culture lessons have been fully rewritten and updated. Hindi can be a tricky language as there is no set way to teach it, however we think we have cracked it!

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Michael Weinberger

Rocket German Canada

Submitted: 3+ years ago


It is very frustrating that I cannot offline download the lessons in the app itself on my iPhone. It would have been better that way. I want to be able to use it in the car that way. I know you can download it through iTunes, but that is too cumbersome.

Response from Rocket Languages (updated 2019): Hi Michael - This functionality is now on the apps. You can download the audio to your device at the press of a button!

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Brian Peek

Rocket Spanish EL Reno OK , United States

Submitted: 3+ years ago


Speaking in your target language I think is the key to success. The more you speak the faster you learn.
Rocket Languages has a test called Play It. It's where you in engage in a conversation with a native speaker.
To me, that is my absolute favorite test. I have not seen anything like that anywhere.
Rocket Languages has an amazing amount of resources and learning material to help you in your target language.

Sadly, my Rocket Spanish is not working anymore. It worked flawlessly for a few weeks and now
the audio just stops. I can't complete my learning, I can reload the page, but I can only make so far before it stops again.
Technical support has not been able to resolve my issue.
I have very limited use of the website.
So I'm in the hunt for another language course.
I've seen what's available and tried many, nothing tops Rocket Languages, so I will have to settle for second best.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Brian - I am not sure what has happened here as we have replied. Customer support will be in touch again. We are sure the issue can be resolved.

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Barbara Wilson

Rocket Spanish Maldonado , Uruguay

Submitted: 3+ years ago


The package is very well organized and well-planned, but I find it confusing. After completing Duolingo and Santamaria's Synergy Spanish, I'm not finding my proper level in Rocket Spanish and the system doesn't let me move ahead. The first third seems to me not useful to someone who is at the early intermediate stage, and I can't find a way to get into the second level. Instead, I keep getting just the intro material, which I already know. Even at the intro level, some problems jump out at me, such as the sudden addition of past tenses, when presumably the beginner doesn't know the present tense yet.

At first, I was able to record, but that suddenly quit on me, and now I can't. It doesn't matter too much, since I was getting 100% every time on my accent. I will try to manage without that feature. Headphones wouldn't help, since I can hear fine; I just can't record. I would like to advance, but don't see it happening.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Barbara - The tabs to the different Levels are on the left hand side at the top. You can do the lessons in any order, there are no restrictions. If you are still having difficulty please contact customer support for more info. Also, we do recommend that people use a headset microphone or the free app/s for best results with voice recognition!

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Vandon R.

Rocket French United States

Submitted: 3+ years ago


I have 3 previous French courses (Premium, Premium Plus, and Platinum). I have been extremely satisfied with them; I listen to the audio lessons all of the time to increase my comprehension of spoken French. I purchased the Travelogue package and have been very disappointed that the audio is in English. Without being able to listen to the entire lesson in French, it completely takes away the audio experience and turns it into just a series of exercises to be completed. Is there any way to change the audio portion into French, instead of the woman reading the lesson in English?

Response from Rocket Languages: A French narrative will be in the Rocket French Travelogue series by the end of the year! (Update 2018: The Rocket French Travelogues now have the full script available in French as well as English, and French and English audio versions that you can use much like the Interactive Audio course tracks)

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Mengsha Chen

Rocket Korean United States

Submitted: 3+ years ago


I've enjoyed learning Spanish with Rocket Languages, but delving into Korean proved to be unexpected challenging. Any Korean teaching material that starts from the beginner level should include lessons on Hangul, but that's lacking in Rocket Language Korean. Fine, I taught myself Hangul using other sources. Not being familiar with Asian languages in general, Korean was much harder for me to pronounce and speak quickly. The speaking exercises are way too demanding in terms of accuracy of pronunciation and the speed at which you have to respond and often my responses get truncated halfway because I'm trying to remember the exact wording. From the very first introductory lesson, there are a lot of more complicated phrases and vocab that get thrown in which are tested, and almost impossible for a beginner to get right. It's been a frustrating experience all around. I guess I'll stick to Romance languages, and use other materials to learn Korean.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Mengsha - We took your feedback onboard and now the very first Language and Culture lesson is indeed on Hanguel and Korean pronunciation in general.

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Carl Mounteer

Rocket Italian Pacific Grove, California , United States

Submitted: 3+ years ago


My overall impression of the level 1 program is that, with the exception of vocabulary, and the present tense, Rocket Italian Level 1 is very weak on teaching the student Italian grammar. An example of this is the use of prepositions. These seem to pop up everywhere with no explanation as to the rules governing their use (like the use of "di" which has at least 15 different meanings!), Level 1 aggravates this problem by frequently giving you lengthy Italian phrases in th flash cards & the "Know It" section to memorize. These contain grammatical structures that are never addressed in the course. Also, it makes no provision for different responses that the student may have translated correctly even though it is different from the translation in the course.

I would suggest they introduce a grammatical rule give some examples, & and then drills on that rule. The drills would also incorporate review of a verb tense. This would reinforce the latter and help us master both until they become second nature.

Instead, we waste enormous amounts of time memorizing lengthy sentences with no idea of the grammatical rules which govern the sentences. These are sentences which we will never use and quickly forget.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Carl - Thanks for the feedback. We will be conducting a full review of Rocket Italian and will definitely take your comments into account.