Rent a car in Spanish

Check out this free lesson before you rent a car in Spanish – we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need! How many days do you need the car? How much will it cost? Does that include insurance? What about the condition of the roads?

Knowing these words and phrases will make hiring a car in Spanish so much easier. Listen to the Spanish pronunciation and practice saying the words aloud. Safe travels!

Talking about renting a car in Spanish

First, you would need to visit a Car Rental Office. There are several ways to say this in Spanish – here are the two most common ones.

Oficina de Renta de Autos

Car Rental Office

Alquiler de Coches

Car Rental Office

Once you have found the rental office, you would need to tell the agent…

Quisiera rentar un auto / alquilar un coche.

I'd like to rent / hire a car.

For how many days? Just for the weekend?

Para ... días

For ... days.

Para el fin de semana

For the weekend

You may want to specify the type the car you are looking for…Un coche…

Pequeño / Compacto






Auto Grande

Full-size car



De Lujo


Here are some things you can say when inquiring about a rental car...

¿Cuánto cuesta por el día?

How much is it daily?

¿Cuánto cuesta por semana?

How much is it weekly?

¿Cuánto cuesta el seguro?

How much is the insurance?

The car rental agent will possibly give you a price list, una lista de precios. You may want to check if the price includes insurance or mileage. Simply ask…


Does it include...?

el seguro?


el kilometraje?


The agent may answer…

El precio incluye...

The price includes...

Kilometraje libre / Kilometraje ilimitado

Unlimited mileage

Seguro total

Full insurance

Impuesto / IVA


Asiento para niños

Child seat

Before you make a decision, you may want to make a final check on the car you are renting…

¿El auto es estándar o automático?

Is the car standard or automatic?

¿El auto tiene aire acondicionado?

Does the car have air-conditioning?

¿Dónde está la rueda de repuesto?

Where's the spare tire?

And, finally, make sure you know the details about where and when to return the car.

¿Dónde tengo que devolver el auto?

Where do I have to return the car?

¿Cuándo tengo que devolver el auto?

When do I have to return the car?

Now that you have successfully rented a car, you may also want to know about the driving conditions in the region you’re visiting. The rental agent may be able to give you some information about the roads you’re about to drive on.

You can ask the following questions...

¿Es difícil manejar por aquí?

Is it hard to drive around here?

¿Están pavimentados los caminos?

Are the roads paved?

And the agent will kindly give you useful information.

Esos caminos tienen muchos baches.

These roads have a lot of potholes.

Estos caminos están excelentes.

Those roads are excellent.

Son caminos de cuotas (Mexico) / Son caminos de peaje.

They are toll roads.

Hay autopista.

There's a freeway.

Estos son de terracería (Mexico) / Estos son de tierra.

These are dirt roads.

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