ATM in Spanish

Learn to use an ATM in Spanish with this step-by-step lesson from Rocket Spanish. Following ATM instructions in Spanish doesn’t have to be scary – just learn these basic Spanish words and phrases and there’ll be nothing standing between you and your cash!

You may think you only need to learn how to read these Spanish words, but we’ve included the audio so you’ll be able to understand these kind of instructions if someone is speaking to you in Spanish in a shop or bank.

Operating an ATM in Spanish

Cajero automático

ATM (automatic cashier)

When you can’t find one, simply ask...

¿Dónde hay un cajero automático?

Where is an ATM machine?

Here are some words and phrases you may see on the ATM display screen or hear from a “Talking ATM”. Of course, these will vary, but here’s a general idea of what you will find.

Por favor, introduzca su tarjeta.

Please insert your card.

Teclee su NIP (Número de identificación personal)

Enter your PIN.

Presione Continuar / Oprima Continuar

Press Enter

Seleccione el tipo de operación que quiere realizar.

Choose the type of transaction you want to make.

Here is a list of types of transactions you may choose from…

Retiro de efectivo

Withdraw cash


Account balance

Transferencia / Pago Electrónico

Transfer / Electronic Payment

If you choose “withdraw cash”, you will be asked from which account you would like to withdraw from…

Cuenta de cheques

Checking account

Cuenta de ahorro

Savings account

Tarjeta de crédito

Credit card

Once you have selected the type of transaction and entered the amount of money (200 pesos), you will see or hear the following phrases in order:

Seleccionó doscientos pesos.

You entered 200 pesos.

¿Es correcto?

Is that correct?

¿Sí o No?

Yes or no?

Now, you may select 'Yes' or 'No.' And the ATM machine will ask you to wait…



Su orden está siendo procesada.

Your request is being processed.

Operación en proceso.

We are dealing with your request.

Once the cash comes out, you will hear...

Por favor retire su efectivo.

Please remove your cash.

Before your card comes out from the machine, you will be asked if you would like to make another transaction.

¿Quiere realizar otra operación?

Would you like another transaction?

And finally, once your transactions are completed don’t forget your card and receipt!

Por favor retire su tarjeta y su recibo.

Please remove your card and receipt.

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See you soon! ¡Hasta pronto!

Mauricio Mauricio Evlampieff Rocket Spanish