World in Spanish

This free audio lesson is all about the world in Spanish. Discover Spanish vocabulary about the major parts of the globe!

Major geographical points around the world including the “seven seas” and the poles all have their own Spanish equivalent; fortunately they are similar to the English versions you are already familiar with.

A couple of pronunciation hints before we get started though. First, words ending in “e” in Spanish are generally pronounced “eh” – so the Caribbean in Spanish “Caribe” pronounced ca-ri-bay. In English the “c” in ocean is pronounced with a “sh” sound, but in this instance in Spanish it is a “s” sound. So you pronounce “océano” (oh-see-ahno). Keep your eyes peeled for those accents to help you know where the stress of the word lies.

Talking about the World in Spanish

La tierra

The earth



Viajaría por todo el mundo.

I would travel all around the world.

Parts of the World in Spanish

Polo Norte

North Pole

Polo Sur

South Pole

Hemisferio Norte

Northern Hemisphere

Hemisferio Sur

Southern Hemisphere

Círculo Polar Ártico

Arctic Circle



Océano Ártico

Arctic Ocean

Océano Atlántico

Atlantic Ocean

Océano Pacífico

Pacific Ocean

Océano Índico

Indian Ocean

Mar Caribe

Caribbean Sea

Mar Mediterráneo

Mediterranean Sea

Mar del Norte

North Sea

Mar Rojo

Red Sea

Mar Negro

Black Sea

Take note of the spelling of Arctic “Ártico” in Spanish – there is no “c” between the “r” and “t” like in English. Many Spanish learners confuse the pronunciation and include the “c” – get it right and you will look like a natural. That’s it for today’s lesson, come back and visit soon. For more lessons on Spanish vocabulary I recommend these!​