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Here are some essential questions in Hindi to know before you travel. When does the bus leave? When does the train arrive? Where is the bank? The restroom? After this free audio lesson you’ll know how to ask 'when' and 'where' in Hindi, and some other useful vocabulary.

Need to exchange money? Looking for a tourist information center? The Rocket Hindi team is here to help!

Listen to the pronunciation, and practice these common questions and Hindi words aloud. We’ve made it real easy to follow and you'll never have an excuse to be late or lost in India.

How to pronounce questions in Hindi

As hard as you try, without helpful feedback your Hindi pronunciation is never going to be the same as a native speaker’s. If you've found it difficult to perfect the way you say Hindi words and phrases, this lesson will help you.

Using the blue Rocket Record buttons you can record the way you say each greeting or farewell, and compare it with the way a native speaker of Hindi does. That’s right, with Rocket Languages voice mapping technology you can record your voice as many times as you need until your pronunciation matches the Hindi speaker!

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संग्रहालय कब खुल जायेगा?
saMgrahaalaya kab khul jayeegaa?
When is the museum open?
थियटेर कब शुरू हो जता है?
Thiyater kab shuroo ho jathaa hai?
When does the theatre start?
फ़िल्म कब शुरू हो जाती है?
Film kab shuroo ho jathee hai?
When does the movie start?
हम कब रुकेंगे?
Ham kab rukenge?
When do we stop?
हवाई जहाज़ कब उतरता है?
Havayee jahaaz kab utharthaa hai?
When does the flight arrive?
रेल गाडी कब पहून्च जायेगी?
Rel gaadee kab pahunch jayegee?
When does the train arrive?
बस कब पहून्च जायेगी?
Bus kab pahunch jayegee?
When does the bus arrive?
हवाई जहाज़ कब जाता है?
Havayee jahaaz kab jathaa hai?
When does the flight leave?
रेल गाडी कब जाती है?
Rel gadee kab jathee hai?
When does the train leave?
बस कब जाती है?
Bas kab jathee hai?
When does the bus leave?
दवाखाना कब खुअल् जायेगा?
Dhavaakhaanaa kab khul jayegaa?
When is the pharmacy open?
सुपरमार्कट कब खुल जायेगा?
Suparmaarkat kab khul jayegaa?
When is the supermarket open?
संग्रहालय कब बन्द हो जायेगा?
saMgrahaalaya kab bandha ho jayegaa?
When is the museum closed?
नाटक कब शुरू हो जता है?
Naataak kab shuroo ho jathaa hai?
When does the play start?
  • How to ask a question in Hindi

One of the first questions you might want to ask when arriving in an unfamiliar city is...

पर्यटक सूचना केन्द्र कहाँ है?
Paryatak soochanaa Kendra kahaam hai
Where can I find the tourist information center?

Some smaller cities may not have tourist information centers. You might have to rely on asking the locals. Here are some questions that will be useful to know...

Where can I find...

समग्रहालय कहाँ है?
Samgrahaalaya kahan hai?
…the museum?
कला प्रदर्शनी कहाँ है?
Kalaa pradarshanee kahan hai?
…the art exhibition?
लावारिस सामान का दप्फ़्तर कहाँ है?
Lawaris samaan ka dafther kahan hai?
…the lost property office?
रेल स्टेशन कहाँ है?
Rel stashan kahan hai?
…the train station?
बस स्टोप कहाँ है?
Bas stop kahan hai?
…the bus stop?
आस्पताल कहाँ है?
Aspathaal kahan hai?
…the hospital?
डाक्टर कहाँ मिलेगा?
Dakter kahan milegaa?
…a doctor?
सार्वजनिक आराम कमरे कहाँ हैं?
Saarvjanik aaram kamre kahan hai?
…public restrooms?
बैंक कहाँ है?
Baink kahhan hai?
…a bank?

Credit cards are not as widely accepted in India as they are in England or America for example, so you might have to exchange some money.

पैसे कहाँ बदल सकता हूँ?
Paise kahan badhal saktee hoon?
Where can I exchange money?
मुद्रा विनिमय कौण्टर कहाँ है?
Mudraa vinimaya counter kahan hai?
Where can I find a money exchange counter?

Congratulations, you have completed this lesson. Don’t forget to practice your new vocabulary as much as possible. I always find that writing words or phrases on post-it notes and putting them up around my house is a good way to memorize them. Put a series of words or phrases on the bathroom wall and practice them as you brush your teeth each day!

फिर मिलेंगे ।
Phir Milengae,

Nikita Sharma
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