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Questions in Hindi

Here are some essential questions in Hindi to know before you travel. When does the bus leave? When does the train arrive? Where is the bank? The restroom? After this free audio lesson you’ll know how to ask 'when' and 'where' in Hindi, and some other useful vocabulary.

Need to exchange money? Looking for a tourist information center? The Rocket Hindi team is here to help!

Listen to the pronunciation, and practice these common questions in Hindi aloud. We’ve made it real easy to follow and you'll never have an excuse to be late or lost in India.

Resources for further reading:

Pronouncing questions in Hindi

Practice Your Pronunciation With Rocket Record

Rocket Record lets you perfect your Hindi pronunciation. Just listen to the native speaker audio and then use the microphone icon to record yourself. Once you’re done, you’ll get a score out of 100 on your pronunciation and can listen to your own audio playback. (Use a headset mic for best results.) Problems? Click here!

संग्रहालय कब खुल जायेगा?

saṃgrahālaya kaba khula jāyegā?

When will the museum open?

थियेटर कब शुरू हो जाता है? / होता है?

thiyaṭera kaba śurū ho jātā hai / hotā hai?

When does the theater start?

फिल्म कब शुरू होती है?

philma kaba śurū hotī hai?

When does the movie start?

हम कब रुकेंगे?

hama kaba rukeṃge?

When do we stop?

फ्लाइट कब पहुंचेगी / आएगी?

phlāiṭa kaba pahuṃcegī / āegī?

When does the flight arrive?

रेलगाड़ी / ट्रेन कब पहुंचेगी?

relagāḍa़ī / ṭrena kaba pahuṃcegī?

When does the train arrive?

बस कब पहुंचेगी?

Busa kaba pahuṃcegī?

When does the bus arrive?

हवाई जहाज़ कब जाता है? फ्लाइट कब जाएगी ?

havāī jahāja़ kaba jātā hai? phlāiṭa kaba jāegī ?

When does the flight leave?

रेलगाड़ी कब जाती है? ट्रेन कब जाएगी ?

relagāḍa़ī kaba jātī hai? ṭrena kaba jāegī ?

When does the train leave?

बस कब जाती है?

Busa kaba jātī hai?

When does the bus leave?

दवाखाना कब खुल जायेगा? फार्मेसी कब खुल जाएगी?

davākhānā kaba khula jāyegā? phārmesī kaba khula jāegī?

When will the pharmacy open?

सुपरमार्कट कब खुल जाएगी ?

suparamārkaṭa kaba khula jāegī ?

When will the supermarket open?

संग्रहालय कब बन्द होता है ?

saṃgrahālaya kaba banda hotā hai ?

When is the museum closed?

नाटक कब शुरू होता है?

nāṭaka kaba śurū hotā hai?

When does the play start?

How to ask a question in Hindi

One of the first questions you might want to ask when arriving in an unfamiliar city is...

पर्यटक सूचना केन्द्र कहाँ है?

paryaṭaka sūcanā kendra kahān hai?

Where can I find the tourist information center?

Some smaller cities may not have tourist information centers. You might have to rely on asking the locals. Here are some questions that will be useful to know...

Where can I find...

संग्रहालय कहाँ है?

saṃgrahālaya kahān hai?

…the museum?

कला प्रदर्शनी कहाँ है?

kalā pradarśanī kahān hai?

…the art exhibition?

खोई हुई संपत्ति का कार्यालय कहाँ है?

khoī huī saṃpatti kā kāryālaya kahān hai?

…the lost property office?

रेलवे स्टेशन कहाँ है?

relave sṭeśana

…the train station?

बस स्टोप कहाँ है?

Bus sṭopa kahān hai?

…the bus stop?

अस्पताल कहाँ है?

aspatāla kahān hai?

…the hospital?

डाक्टर कहाँ मिलेगा?

ḍākṭara kahān milegā?

…a doctor?

सार्वजनिक शौंचालय कहाँ हैं?

sārvajanika śauṃcālaya kahān hai?

…public restrooms?

बैंक कहाँ है?

baiṃka kahān hai?

…a bank?

Credit cards are not as widely accepted in India as they are in England or America for example, so you might have to exchange some money.

पैसे कहाँ बदल सकता हूँ?

Paise kahān badala sakatā hūn?

Where can I exchange money?

मुद्रा विनिमय काउंटर कहाँ है?

mudrā vinimaya kāuṃṭara kahān hai?

Where can I find a money exchange counter?

Congratulations, you have completed this lesson. Don’t forget to practice your new vocabulary as much as possible. I always find that writing words or phrases on post-it notes and putting them up around my house is a good way to memorize them. Put a series of words or phrases on the bathroom wall and practice them as you brush your teeth each day!

Find out all about asking Hindi questions in this series of lessons. Make sure you listen to the audio and practice your Hindi pronunciation. And do the Hindi tests at the end of each lesson to reinforce your knowledge of Hindi questions!

फिर मिलेंगे (phir milenge),

Nikita Sharma: Rocket Hindi

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