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A personal message from CEO and co-founder, Jason Oxenham

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I'm glad that you're here, and I'm excited to tell you a little more about Rocket Languages.

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Jason Oxenham

Jason Oxenham
Rocket Languages
Co-Founder and CEO

Getting started

Let’s rewind to 2004. I’d been trying to learn French for a few years. I’d spent a lot of time doing everything that language learners are “supposed” to do. I stocked up on textbooks, I attended classes, and I tried software program after software program. But nothing seemed to work. I wasn’t much further than when I’d started—unless being able to say, “The cow is on the car,” is progress!

I guess I wasn’t the ideal candidate for learning a second language.

  • The school I went to didn’t offer language classes,
  • I didn’t have access to any French speakers,
  • I was, and still am, tone deaf :)
  • And I felt nervous about making mistakes whenever I spoke to French people.

I knew I couldn’t be the only person having trouble. So at the start of 2004, my friend and co-founder, Mark Ling, and I put our heads together. What other challenges were holding people back from successfully learning a second language? And how could we help them overcome them?

  • We did some research,
  • Surveyed several polyglots (people who speak several languages),
  • Hired linguistic experts,
  • Researched practical learning strategies,
  • And brought in web developers and graphic designers.

Within 12 months we had created both Rocket Spanish and Rocket French by combining engaging listening activities, easy-to-follow grammar lessons and useful vocabulary words. Both courses were instant hits. Users sent us rave reviews, saying just how much better our courses were than anything else on the market.

By late 2004, we were the first company to provide online language learning courses, even if they were just MP3 files and PDFs!

The expansion

With the success of Rocket Spanish and Rocket French, we started expanding the number of languages we offered. Right now the Rocket Languages catalog includes:

Not only that, but our member surveys told us that our learners were hungry for more. We listened and built advanced levels of our most popular languages.

As technology developed over the years, we updated and refined our courses to keep pace with advances in e-learning and customer experience standards.

Fast-forward to the present day. Rocket Languages is a recognized leader in online language learning. In fact, the Rocket Languages system has been so successful that over 1,200,000 registered users now use Rocket Languages products.

The future

The online language learning market has changed immensely since 2004. For instance:

  • Browsers can do a lot more (like handle voice recognition),
  • Smartphones and apps are everywhere,
  • People have much higher expectations for quality and ease of use,
  • And of course, many new competitors have entered the market.

So, how do we intend to stay ahead of the pack?

It all comes back to the vision that we had, and still have, for Rocket Languages:

To provide the most effective online language learning courses possible

Foremost, this means that our courses must work for everyone.

Having reviewed many methods of learning a second language, I can confidently say that this isn’t the case with most products out there.

We build our vision into everything that we do here at Rocket Languages. We will do anything and everything to make your language-learning experience better.

So, I know that Rocket Languages will remain a leader in online language learning for many years to come!

Au revoir !

Jason Oxenham
CEO and Co-founder
Rocket Languages Ltd

Introducing the Rocket team

Our experienced team will get your language learning heading in the right direction!

Jason Oxenham


Mark Ling


Hesham Jones


Marg Gardner

Customer Support Manager

Julie Oxenham


Ayesha Jones

Business Development

Marie Gomez

Customer Support

James Schafli


Matt Grueber

Graphic Designer

Mauricio Evamplieff

Rocket Spanish

Cristian Salcedo

Rocket Spanish

Jake LaBerge

Rocket Sign Language

Natalya Dubrov

Rocket Russian

Daniel Braga

Rocket Portuguese

Sujung Lee

Rocket Korean

Kiyun Kim

Rocket Korean


Rocket Japanese

Sayaka Matsuura

Rocket Japanese

Maria DeLorenzi

Rocket Italian

Lucia Dallaspezia

Rocket Italian

Nikita Sharma

Rocket Hindi

Sudhanshu Sharma

Rocket Hindi

Paul Weber

Rocket German

Olga Celikoglu

Rocket German

Marie-Claire Rivière

Rocket French

Mitchel Burns

Rocket French/Chinese

Becky Miller

Rocket English

Lin Ping

Rocket Chinese

Amira Zaki

Rocket Arabic

Eiman Elmasry

Rocket Arabic