Let's get you talking in French.

We love France and French culture - the food, the movies, the music, the places, the people. And learning French is the perfect way to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of la France et les Français.

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Why learn French with Rocket Languages?

Most online language courses are dry and uninspiring cookie-cutter templates. Rocket French is designed to inspire you, fit around your goals and deliver real results. It was created by a team of French speakers and teaching experts who are fascinated by all things French. And we believe that people learn best when they're taught (and guided) by passionate teachers.

With Rocket French you'll..

Study anytime, anywhere.

When you become a paying member, you get a 24/7 lifetime (yes, your whole life!) access to Rocket French from any computer, phone or tablet. We even have podcast-style Interactive Audio lessons that are perfect for when you're out and about.

Learn your way.

We all learn in different ways. That's why our team curates flexible courses that break the usual online learning mold and allow you to choose how you become a French speaker. The result? You'll learn and remember more.

Learn faster.

The US Foreign Service Institute claims that it takes 600 hours of study to reach "general proficiency." We've accelerated that process by giving you 27 Expert Tips with advanced learning techniques, that are proven to help you learn more effectively.

Perfect your pronunciation.

Our state-of-the-art voice recognition system will help you fine-tune your prononciation, until it's parfaite!

Understand the culture.

Our Culture lessons will help you understand key aspects of everyday French life, culture and values. And we're always expanding and improving our courses to keep them fresh, relevant and fun.

Go as deep as you want.

You only need about 300 words to become conversational in French. We can teach you over 8070 words and phrases. And although we have over 410 hours of lesson material at your disposal, you decide just how much you want to learn.

Get the tools to stay on course.

Learning a language isn't always easy. We all know that. So we've created a ton of motivational tools and techniques that keep you inspired and focused.

Retain what you learn.

Our behavior experts have designed tools that ensure you understand all our teaching material. Our algorithms also identify the words and phrases you're struggling with so we can make sure they stick like glue.

Love every minute of it.

Rocket French was designed by our team of experts who want to share their enthusiasm for all things French with as many people as humanly possible. They've loved creating this course. And we know you'll love taking it.

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People love Rocket Languages, and you will too!

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Everything you need to learn French

Learning a new language is a lifelong journey, and French is no different. However, there are ways to save time and effort with the learning process, making it easier to stick with it.

Whether you are learning French because:

  • you are heading to France, or another country that speaks French
  • you have French friends or colleagues, or
  • you just want to learn for your personal development,

these resources will give you tips on the best ways to start, how to keep your motivation high, as well as delving into exactly how French works.

More about the Rocket French courses

Rocket French has 3 levels that take you from a beginners level to an advanced level. Find out more about these courses, gift vouchers, reviews and the conversational French series the Rocket French Travelogues.

Learn French like a pro!

These lessons are all about the best ways to learn French. Discover tons of tips and tricks that polyglots use to successfully master several languages. You can also find out how long it will take for you to learn French, tips for perfect French pronunciation, and much more.

Try these fantastique free French lessons

These free French lessons include tons of French words and phrases with English translations, and audio and voice recognition for pronunciation. You’ll also find step-by-step explanations of French grammar rules, and helpful cultural tips along the way!

The Rocket French forum: Answers to your French questions

Interacting with teachers and peers really helps to develop your understanding! This French language forum is where you can go to ask your questions about French and to connect with other French learners.