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The Amazon Rain Forest in Portuguese – Amazônia

One of the “must see” things in Brazil is the Amazon Rain Forest or “a Amazônia” as the locals call it. The term includes the forest and the rivers, but also the local cuisine and traditions. It is where one can experience a unique way of life inherited from the Native Brazilians, mixed with the immigrants that arrived in the region (Região Norte) throughout the centuries.

There are many ways that you can experience a Amazônia, but first you’ll need to learn some vocabulary in order to go around the region, and understand and communicate with the locals.

Resources for further reading:

First, you have to know that a Amazônia is located in the Northern Region of Brazil – Região Norte do Brasil. As someone who’s been to the Amazon myself, I’d highly recommend going on a cruise up-stream. It takes about 4 to 5 days to go from Belém, the capital of Pará State – Estado do Pará to Manaus, the capital of Amazonas State – Estado do Amazonas, and you’ll be dazzled by the scenery you’ll see along the way. You will never be bored! First, you’ll need to fly to Belém, where you’ll be able to board a ship (navio) and do the Amazon Route, or Rota Amazônica.

The word for navio can also be “catamarã” in the local dialect. The difference you’ll notice on a catamarã is that one can choose to travel in cabins (cabines) or do like the locals do and sleep in hammocks (redes) hung along the deck of the boat. But you’ll have to have your own rede!

The Amazon Rain Forest in Portuguese – Amazônia

Let's try some of that new vocabulary!

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a Amazônia

The Amazon

Região Norte

Northern Region

Região Norte do Brasil

Northern Region of Brazil

Estado do Pará

Pará State

Estado do Amazonas

Amazonas State



Rota Amazônica

Amazon Route







Once the trip starts, you’ll be on:

O Rio Amazonas

The Amazon River

O rio

The river

And you’ll be seeing

A Floresta Amazônica

The Amazon Forest

A floresta

The forest

árvore / árvores

Tree / Trees

Pássaro / Pássaros

Bird / Birds

A fauna

The fauna

A flora

The flora

You’ll probably be surprised by the brown/yellowish color of the Amazon River water. But don’t be alarmed! It’s its natural color due to the continuous washing of the riverbanks.

Água marrom

Brown water

Água amarelada

Yellowish water

Luckily, you’ll also be able to see some of the wonders of the aquatic life, such as:

O boto-rosa

Pink dolphins


Grey Dolfin

To have a close-up look of the forest, you can always ask to get on:

Uma canoa

A canoe

And sail up closer to the forest borders. But be aware of the great number of:





Remember to get your shots before you travel to the Amazon, especially against febre amarela (yellow fever)!

febre amarela

yellow fever

OK, let’s get back to the fun stuff! You will also find quite a few Pousadas (Lodges) in many small villages and towns along the river, on the route from Belem to Manaus.:



And you can even hire:

Um guia turístico

A tour guide

To take you to some:



..and get more familiarized with the millennial tradition of the true Brazilian people.

Your guia turístico may also be able to give you tips about places to go for walks and hiking.

guia turístico

tour guide

All you have to ask them is:

Gostaria de fazer trilha

I'd like to go hiking

...and they’ll provide with the safe and fun routes that you can choose from, depending on your availability and disposition.

Then, when you finally arrive in Manaus, you’ll be in a big town with many attractions for you to enjoy. Look for the hotel or pousada that best suits you and always have um guia turístico or uma agência de turismo (a tour agency) organize the trips and sight-seeing for you, so you can experience the best that the Amazon and its people can offer.





uma agência de turismo

a travel agency

Divirta-se! Have fun!

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