Portuguese Travel Words

Knowing these Portuguese travel words will make your stay in a Brazilian hotel much more comfortable!

After this free audio lesson you'll be able to ask for what you need in Portuguese, find your way around the hotel, and share any concerns you have with the hotel staff. Let's start with some basics...

Pronouncing Portuguese travel words

At the Hotel in Portuguese

A chave

The key

O número da chave

The key number

Você está no quarto número 29

You are in room number 29

Directions will be given with reference to floors...


Ground floor

O primeiro andar

First floor

O segundo andar

Second floor

O terceiro andar

Third floor

O quarto andar

Fourth floor

You may wish to know where the following are…

Onde fica o elevador?

Where is the elevator?

Onde fica a piscina?

Where is the swimming pool?

Onde fica o restaurante?

Where is the restaurant?

Onde vocês servem o café da manhã?

Where do you serve breakfast?

You may also want to know...

A que horas é o check-out?

What time is check-out?

Pago agora ou no check-out?

Do I pay now or at check-out?

Quando vocês servem o café da manhã?

When do you serve breakfast?

If your room isn’t equipped with all the facilities you’d like, here are some useful phrases…

Preciso de mais toalhas (de banho)

I need more (bath) towels

Preciso de mais toalhas (de rosto)

I need more (hand) towels

Though “rosto” actually means face. We call hand towels “face towels”.

Preciso de mais sabonete

I need more soap

There are two words for “soap” in Portuguese and which one you use depends on what kind of soap you are looking for: Hand soap, or the one you use to take a shower/clean yourself is called sabonete Detergents, laundry or dish wash powders are called sabão and you complete it with the purpose of the soap:

Sabão em pó

Laundry powder

Sabão líquido

Detergent / Liquid soap

As a rule, you may use sabão for any cleaning soap, and sabonete for personal hygiene soaps.

Presciso de papel higiênico

I need more toilet paper

Preciso de mais um cobertor

I need one more blanket

Though I doubt you’d need an extra blanket in most parts of Brazil! You may want to have a clean one though. So you’d have to say:

Preciso de roupa de cama limpa

I need clean sheets

Here are some final words and phrases that might come in handy…

Uma cama de casal

A double bed (for two people)

Duas camas de solteiro

Two single beds


The air conditioning

O aquecedor

The heater

O ar-condicionado está quebrado

The air conditioning is broken

O ar-condicionado não funciona

The air conditioning does not function

Sujo / Suja




Limpo / Limpa






A água

The water

A luz

The light

Quebrado / Quebrada




I hope you enjoyed today's lesson. Até mais! If you want more on Portuguese words then checkout the polite Portuguese words lesson!

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