Describe yourself in Arabic

Can you describe yourself in Arabic? It’s useful to be able to talk about yourself when you’re getting to know new people, speaking to an official person or filling out a form. Whatever the situation, the Rocket Arabic team has created this free audio lesson to make it easier for you.

Perhaps you’re booking into a hotel, or going for an interview. You’ll probably be asked some basic personal questions in Arabic like “what is your name?” “where are you from?” or “what is your date of birth?”

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How to describe yourself in Arabic

These are all useful things to be able to talk about for everyday conversations as well, so how about we start with some numbers in Arabic…

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Let's go through some of the most common questions you might be asked, whether you're filling out a registration form in a hotel or at the consulate getting a new passport. In these situations, you'll be addressed with "Inta" the formal form of "you."

اسمك ايه؟

Ismak eah?

What's your name?

انتا منين؟

Inta Menin?

Where are you from?

جنسيتك ايه؟

Gensiytak eah?

What's your nationality?

عمرك اد ايه؟

3omrak ad eah?

How old are you?

تاريخ ميلادك كام؟

Tari7’ Miladk kam?

What is your date of birth?

عندك اخوات؟

3andk I7’wat?

Do you have siblings?

عندك كام اخ؟

3andk kam a7’?

How many siblings do you have?

عندك اولاد؟

3andk Wilad?

Do you have children?

عندك كام ولد؟

3andk kam Walad?

How many sons do you have?

انتا متجوز؟

Inta Mitgawiz?

Are you married?

عنوانك ايه؟

3inwank eah?

What is your address?

رقم تليفونك كام ؟

Rakam telifonak kam?

What is your telephone number?

رقم تليفونك كام؟

Rakam Mobilak kam?

What is your cell phone number?

رقم باسبورك كام؟

Rakam pasporak kam?

What is your passport number?

ايميلك ايه؟

Imilak eah?

What is your email address?

عندك ولاد قد ايه؟

3andk Walid adeah?

How many children do you have?

How to answer questions about yourself

When you're responding, you can follow one of the simple formats below.

... انا اسمي

Ana Ismi ...

My name is ...

... انا من

Ana min ...

I'm from ...

انا عندي ... سنة

Ana 3andi ... sana

I am .... years old

... عيد ميلادي

3id Miladi ...

My birthday is on ...

ايوه انا عندي اخوات

Aiwa, Ana 3andi I7’wat

Yes, I have siblings

لا انا مش عندي اخوات

La2, Ana mosh 3andi I7’wat

No, I don't have siblings

انا عندي ... اخوات

Ana 3andi ... I7’wat

I have ... siblings

ايوه انا عندي ... اولاد

Aiwa Ana 3andi ... Wilad

Yes, I have ... children

ايوه انا متجوز

Aiwa Ana Mitgawiz

Yes, I'm married.

لا انا مش متجوز

La2 Ana Mish Mitgawiz

No, I'm not married.

... عنواني

3enwani ...

My address is ...

... رقم تليفوني

Rakam Telifony ...

My telephone number is ...

... رقم موبايلي

Rakam Mobily ...

My cell phone number is ...

... رقم باسبوري

Rakam Paspory ...

My passport number is ...

How to fill out forms in Arabic

If you find yourself being asked to fill out forms with your personal details, you won't get the complete questions that you've studied above. Instead, you'll get short words or phrases like these:





El Ism



El Gensiya



El No3



El Sin


تاريخ الميلاد

Tari7’ el Milad

Date of birth


El 3inwan


رقم التليفون

Rakam el telifone

Telephone number

رقم الموبايل

Rakam el Mobile

Cell phone number

رقم الباسبور

Rakam el passport

Passport number

Phew - that was a lot to take in at once! But these will definitely come in handy so make sure you practice these as much as possible. Happy learning!

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!مع السلامة (Ma3a essalama!) Goodbye!

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