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When in Arabic

How do you ask when in Arabic? After this free Arabic audio lesson you'll know how to get the answers you need! Listen to the Arabic pronunciation and practice saying these Arabic questions aloud. You'll never have an excuse to be late again!

After this free audio lesson you'll be an expert in asking "when" in Arabic!

Resources for further reading:

How to ask "when" in Arabic

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امتى هيفتح المتحف؟

Imta Hayefta7 el Mat7af?

When does the museum open?

امتى هيقفل المتحف؟

Imta Hay2fil el Mat7af?

When does the museum close?

امتى هيفتح السوبر ماركت؟

Imta Hayefta7 el super market?

When does the supermarket open?

امتى هتفتح الصيدلية؟

Imta Hatyfta7 el Sydaleya?

When does the pharmacy open?

امتى هيمشي الاوتوبيس؟

Imta Haymshi el autobis?

When does the bus leave?

امتى هيمشي القطر؟

Imta Haymshi el 2atr?

When does the train leave?

امتى هتطلع الرحلة؟

Imta hatytla3 el Ri7la?

When does the flight leave?

امتى هيوصل الاوتوبيس؟

Imta haywsal el Autobis?

When does the bus arrive?

امتى هيوصل القطر؟

Imta Haywsal el 2atr?

When does the train arrive?

امتى هتوصل الرحلة؟

Imta Hatiwsal el Ri7la?

When does the flight arrive?

امتى هنوقف؟

Imta Hano2af?

When do we stop?

امتى هناخد؟

Imta Hana’7od Istira7a?

When do we have a break?

امتى هيبتدي الفيلم؟

Imta haybtedi el film?

When does the movie start?

امتى هتبتدي المسرحية؟

Imta Hatybtedy el Masra7eya?

When does the play start?

امتى هتبتدي اللعبة؟

Imta Hatebtedi el li3ba?

When does the game start?

One of the first questions you might want to ask when arriving in an unfamiliar city could be…

الاقي فين مركز معلومات السايح؟

Ala2y fin markz Ma3lomat el Soya7?

Where can I find the tourist information center?

Some smaller cities in Arabic-speaking countries don’t have tourist information centers. You might have to rely on asking the locals. Here's how you ask where something is:

الاقي فين...

Izay Ala2y…

Where can I find…

And then just add what you're trying to find at the end. Here's a list of some things you might be looking for:


El Mat7af

the museum

المعرض الفني

El Ma3rd el Fani

the art exhibition

مكتب المفقودات

Maktab el Maf2odat

the lost property office

محطة القطر

Ma7atit El 2atr

the train station

موقف الاوتوبيس

Maw2af el autobis

the bus stop


El Mostashfa

the hospital


El Doctor

a doctor

الحمامات العامة

El 7amamat el 3amma

public restrooms


El Bank

a bank

If you plan on visiting the bustling bazaars in Egypt, you'll need to bring some Egyptian pounds! Here are a couple of ways to ask for directions to a money exchange:

ازاي اغير عملة؟

Izay A3’ayar 3omla?

Where can I exchange money?

الاقي فين مكتب لتبديل العملة؟

Ala2y fin maktab la tabdil el 3omlat?

Where can I find a money exchange counter?

That’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed today's lesson as much as I did! For more on the use of Arabic questions check out these lessons...

Make It Stick With Rocket Reinforcement

Reinforce your learning from this lesson with the Rocket Reinforcement activities!

Make It Stick With Rocket Reinforcement

Reinforce your learning from this lesson with the Rocket Reinforcement activities!