Thank you in Arabic

Knowing how to be polite in Arabic is essential for any Arabic language learner. After today’s free lesson you’ll be able to say "thank you," "excuse me," "sorry," and use other polite Arabic expressions with confidence. Listen carefully to the pronunciation and practice saying the Arabic phrases aloud.

You'll become an expert in saying thank you in Arabic in no time!

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Pronunciation of thank you in Arabic

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بعد اذنك لو سمحت

Ba3d Iznak Law Sama7t

Excuse me please




انا زعلان عشانك

Ana Za3lan 3shank

I'm sorry about that

شكراً لمساعدتك

Shokran Li Mosa3ditak

Thanks for your help

شكراً جداً

Shokran Gidan

Thanks a lot

متشكر اوي

Motashakr Awi

Many thanks


El 3afo

You're welcome

ده من زوقك

Da Min Zo2ak

That is very kind

يا طيبتك

Ya Tibtak

How kind of you

Whether you are travelling to a Arabic speaking country or simply interacting with Arabic people, acting in a courteous way will win you friends and gain you respect. Use all of the phrases above liberally, and you’ll find that people will treat you well. Good luck!

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!مع السلامة (Ma3a essalama!) Goodbye!

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