Time in Arabic

This free online Arabic language lesson is all about learning the time in Arabic. By listening to the audio, and practicing the Arabic words and phrases aloud, you’ll quickly learn how to ask for the time in Arabic and tell others what time it is. By the end of this lesson you’ll be able to set up a meeting, appointment, or date in Arabic, and be sure that you will be on time in Arabic!

Talking about the time in Arabic

الساعة كام؟

El Sa3a Kam?

What time is it?

الساعة كام معاك؟

El Sa3a kam Ma3ak?

Do you have the time?

And you may get as an answer…

ايوه طبعاً

Aiwa Tab3an

Yes of course…

الساعة تمانيه

El Sa3a Tamania

It is 8 o'clock

الساعة تسعة و نص

El Sa3a Tis3a wa Nos

It is 9 thirty.

الساعة عشرة و ربع

El Sa3a 3ashra wa Rob3

It's quarter past ten

الساعة واحدة الا ربع

El Sa3a Wa7da Ila Rob3

It is quarter to one.

لا آسف

La2 Asif

No, sorry

It is almost like in English, so you should learn your numbers well and the rest will come easily. If you want to confirm an appointment or arrange a meeting with a friend, the following phrases will be very useful:

عندك معاد؟

3andak Ma3ad?

Do you have an appointment?

عاوز تحجز معاد مع الدكتور امتى؟

3awiz ti7gz Ma3ad ma3a el Doctor Imta?

When do you want to have an appointment with the doctor?

عاوز نتقابل امتى؟

3awiz Nit2abil Imta?

When do you want to meet?

And you may need to have someone repeat when your appointment is…

معادي امتى؟

Ma3ady Imta?

When do I have my appointment?

هنتقابل تاني امتى؟

Hanit2abil Tani Imta?

When are we meeting again?

Here's some useful Arabic vocabulary relating to time…


El Sa3a

The watch

ساعة الحيطة

Sa3it El 7ita

The clock



An appointment



A meeting



A date

يجي على المعاد

Yegi 3ala El Ma3ad

To be on time



To be late

That’s it for today’s lesson. I hope you had fun! If you want more lessons on Arabic time then I recommend these ones!

!مع السلامة Ma3a essalama! Goodbye!

Amira Zaki Rocket Arabic