Accommodation in Hindi

If you’re traveling in India and you’ve just arrived in a new place, how do you find accommodation in Hindi? How do you explain that you’re looking for an inexpensive hotel, or one close to the center of town?

Perhaps you’re traveling with children, in which case you might prefer a family-friendly hotel. After this free audio lesson you’ll know how to ask for suitable accommodation in Hindi.

Once you know your options you might have more questions, like “where is?” or “how much?” in Hindi. You’ll probably need transportation to get there. What’s the word for “bus stop” in Hindi? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered. Stick with the Rocket Hindi team and you’ll have your bags unpacked and your feet up in no time!

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Pronouncing accommodation in Hindi

Can you recommend...?

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क्या आप एक अच्छे होटल का पता दे सकते हैं?

kyā āpa eka acche hoṭala kā patā de sakate haiṃ?

...a good hotel?

क्या आप एक सस्ते होटल का पता दे सकते हैं?

kyā āpa eka saste hoṭala kā patā de sakate haiṃ?

…an inexpensive hotel?

क्या आप एक अच्छे से फ़ैमिली होटल का पता दे सकते है?

kyā āpa eka acche se pha़aimilī hoṭala kā patā de sakate hai?

…a family-friendly hotel?

क्या आप एक शांत होटल का पता दे सकते हैं?

kyā āpa eka śāṃta hoṭala kā patā de sakate haiṃ?

…a quiet hotel?

क्या आप शहर के अंदर के होटल बता देंगे?

kyā āpa śahara ke aṃdara ke hoṭala batā deṃge?

…a hotel in the center?

Booking a hotel in Hindi

Listen to the link below if you prefer other types of accommodation.

Is there...?

क्या यहाँ युवा होस्टल है?

kyā yahām̐ yuvā hosṭala hai?

…a youth hostel?

क्या यहाँ कैंपिंग ग्राउंड है?

kyā yahām̐ kaiṃpiṃga grāuṃḍa hai?

…a camping ground?

क्या यहाँ मोटल है?

kyā yahām̐ moṭala hai?

…a motel?

Once you have decided where to stay, you need to find out how to get there.

मैं कैसे होटल मिल्लेनियम तक जाऊँगा/जाऊँगी?

maiṃ kaise hoṭala milleniyama taka jāūm̐gā/jāūm̐gī?

How do I get to the [Millennium] hotel, please?

मुझे बता दीजिए कि टाक्सी स्टान्ड कहाँ है

mujhe batā dījie ki ṭāksī sṭānḍa kahām̐ hai

Where is the taxi stand, please?

कौनसी बस होटल मिल्लेनियम तक जाती है?

kaunasī basa hoṭala milleniyama taka jātī hai?

Which bus goes to the [Millennium] hotel?

Asking for a vacancy in Hindi

A taxi ride can be quite expensive in India, so you might want to get an idea of the price before you hop in. Public transport is available but can be crowded. Most cities have bus lanes. Here are some important words and phrases for you to remember.

मुझे होटल मिल्लेनियम तक जाना है

mujhe hoṭala milleniyama taka jānā hai

I would like to go to the [Millennium] hotel, please.

होटल मिल्लेनियम तक जाने के लिए कितने पैसे होंगे

hoṭala milleniyama taka jāne ke lie kitane paise hoṃge

How much does it cost to go to the [Millennium] hotel...?

क्या वह दूर है?

kyā vaha dūra hai?

Is it far?

ज़्यादा या कम?

ja़yādā yā kama?

More or less?

क्या आप [मिलेनियम] होटल में जाएंगे?

kyā āpa [mileniyama] hoṭala meṃ jāeṃge?

Will you go to the [Millennium] hotel...?

क्या होटेल के पास बस स्टोप है?

kyā hoṭela ke pāsa basa sṭopa hai?

Is there a bus stop close to the hotel?

टैक्सी स्टैंड

ṭaiksī sṭaiṃḍa

The taxi stand

बस स्टोप

basa sṭopa

The bus stop



The taxi

Well, that’s it for now.

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फिर मिलेंगे (phir milenge),

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