Types of Shops in Hindi

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In this free lesson we'll look at the different types of shops in Hindi. These words will go hand in hand with exotic souvenir shopping.

Master this essential travel Hindi by listening to the pronunciation on the audio and practicing the Hindi words and phrases aloud. And don’t be shy - shopping in Hindi will be a lot more fun after this Rocket Hindi lesson!

Lets get started on this lesson on types of shops in Hindi.

Pronouncing types of shops in Hindi

Here’s a list of different types of shops.

किताब की दूकान

kitāba kī dūkāna


कपड़ों की दूकान

kapaṛō̃ kī dūkāna

Clothing store

यादगार वस्तुओं की दूकान

yādagāra vastuō̃ kī dūkāna

Souvenir shop

कैमरा की दूकान

kaimarā kī dūkāna

Camera shop




The following words might come in handy when you’re at the souvenir shop.













I do hope you enjoyed this lesson! Try to incorporate these new words you've learned into everyday language as much as possible. For instance when you're getting dressed in the morning, use the Hindi word for trousers; or perhaps when you're out shopping, try to identify shops with their Hindi name. Exercising your language learning brain like this will result in big improvements in memory!

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