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Time in Hindi

These lessons are all about Hindi time and numbers, and come with loads of examples, as well as audio tracks and voice recognition so that you can perfect your pronunciation of all the Hindi time and numbers vocabulary!

Days in Hindi

Discover how to pronounce the days in Hindi with this free audio lesson. As a bonus, learn the seasons in Hindi as well! Make sure you do the tests at the end of the lesson.

Meetings in Hindi

If someone asked you in Hindi about your plans for the weekend, would you understand? What’s the Hindi expression for “later on” or the word for “now”? If you want to organise a meeting in Hindi with family, friends or colleagues, these are useful things to know.

Know your months in Hindi

Being able to pronounce the months in Hindi is very useful vocabulary. Check this lesson out and use the tests at the end to see if you really know your months in Hindi!

What are the seasons in Hindi?

Check this lesson out to get the perfect pronunciation of the seasons in Hindi.

फिर मिलेंगे (phir milenge),

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