Hindi Words

These series of lessons are all about Hindi words that you will regularly come across when speaking to Hindi people or traveling through Hindi. Make sure you practice your pronunciation using the voice recognition tool, and do the testing at the end of each lesson (where available!). Let's get started learning some Hindi words!
Want to blend in with Hindi speakers? This free audio lesson is full of basic Hindi words you need to know! Just a few minutes with the Rocket Hindi team and you'll have a range of common Hindi expressions to use when socializing with Hindi people.
How do you say "parents" in Hindi? It's not as hard as you may think! Imagine describing to a native Hindi speaker who your family is made up of. This lesson covers how to talk about your family in Hindi.
Heading to India for a wedding? In this free lesson you'll learn how to congratulate someone when they get married or gain a new family member. Let's check out this lesson on marriage in Hindi.
This lesson is about a group of words that are sure to come in handy – tools in Hindi – whether or not you're handy! These words are sure to be useful if you're traveling to India, but they'll be especially vital if you're living there.
फिर मिलेंगे ।
Phir Milengae,
Nikita Sharma
Rocket Hindi